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OTB Architects enjoys making your project a success. Founded in 2017 by Jay de Wet, based in the Tyger Waterfront in the City of Cape Town. We are ready for your next project, be it a home, warehouse, wine estate or apartment block, we have the expertise to ensure a great project.

We love buildings! Given that they stand for so long, we understand the importance of how they are to function and appear for centuries after the first sketch.

The office is run by the enthusiastic lead of Cape Town Architect, Jay de Wet.

OTB Architects (pty) ltd 2017/193470/07 - Director: P.J. de Wet (ID8705225026083) - 

Every success story is completed with Architecture, from the Pyramids, to the Roman Empire, New York City to your home/castle. Architecture is what is seen and embraced in success stories. Who better to tell your success story? 


Our vision is to deliver projects which are On The Button, Out The Box, , Only The Best, or OTB projects. Projects of success and for successful people.


Furthermore we pride ourselves in a good understanding in building regulations in fire, structure, energy efficiency and public safety to elliminate costly solutions for rational compliance.


Every line drawn as a value at the end it in construction. We understand this and actively apply designs and method to make every project as cost effective yet as brilliant as possible.



Our vision



The lead architect is Jay de Wet with a portfolio of construction work nearing R1Billion in the last decade.

Services include:

1. Design, municipal and Construction Documentation

2. Site supervision and Contract Administration as Principal Agent

3. Procurement of Tenders

4. 3d views and Axonometric cut-outs of all projects.

5. Heritage projects (buildings older than 60 years)

6. Measuring of existing buildings and 3d modelling thereof.


Who we are and what we do:


We love architecture!

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Call: 021 914 0660 or 0720220022


email: jay@otba.co.za


OTB Architects

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